Mechincal Engineering (HVAC)

We are a 24 hour call out Mechanical Engineering company that is offering the following services: installations, repairs and services to air conditioning, Chiller plants, cooling towers refrigeration and pumps.

We provide superior mechanical services to our clients in industrial, residential and commercial sectors

Our team consist of the following experts:

  • Professional Refrigeration Mechanician/Technician –Refrigeration
  • Industrial,commercial and residential installations,service and repairs services
  • Refrigeration Mechanician /Technician Cat B6& B8
  • Refrigeration Mechanician /Technician Assistant Cat B6
  • Semi Skilled labour

What We Offer

  • Refrigeration Mechanician/Technician on call 24/7-7days a week,365 days a year
  • Industrial,commercial and residential installations,service and repairs services
  • Supply,installations, repairs and services to
    • Air conditioning
    • Chiller plants
    • Cooling towers
    • Packaged roof top units
    • Duct Air conditioner
    • Fan coil units
    • Heat exchange ventilator
    • Heat pumps
    • Water cooling radiator
    • Cold rooms for fruit and vegetables store rooms, mortuaries, supermarkets etc.
    • AHU plants
    • Screw and grasso compressors
    • Ammonia refrigeration plants
    • Mid wall split units
    • Radiator
  • Service include but not limited to
    • Ensuring full functioning of all the refrigeration plant –ammonia and non-ammonia plant
    • Clean off and service the central ducted units including re gas and clean filters and flush all ducts to remove dust and clean all diffusers
    • Panels, motors and ensuring working efficiency of ammonia detection

Industrial Pump

  • Industrial, commercial and residential installations, and repairs to
    • Centrifugal pumps
    • Vertical centrifugal
    • Horizontal Centrifugal pumps
    • Submersible pumps
    • Fire hydrant systems
    • Diaphragm pumps
    • Gear pumps

Boiler Plant

  • Installations, maintenance and repairs to
    • Boiler
    • Boiler water treatment plant and associated piping, pumps and storage
    • Boiler feed water supply
    • Boiler fuel feed plant
    • Boiler fuel storage plant
    • Boiler house hot wells
    • All steam pupms,valves and manifolds inside the boiler house
    • Steam and condensate reticulation pipe network,fittings,support structures,tanks,pumps and metering
    • Steam operated calorifiers and related fixtures and fittings

Electrical Engineering

Our team consist of the following experts:

  • Professional Technician-(PrTechniEng)
  • Master Installation Electrician
  • Installation Electrician
  • Trade Tested Electrical Artisans
  • Semi Skilled Electrical Artisan Assistants
  • General Labour Assistant

What We Offer

  • Installations, maintenance and repairs to electrical control, wiring and lighting systems
  • Electrical equipment supplies, installations, services, repairs
  • Conducting maintenance repairs on old or faulty fixtures
  • Install, maintain and replace geyser, hydroboils and other energy efficiency appliances
  • Maintain, service and repair substations (inverters, batteries, earthing and lightning protection systems and devices
  • Inspect transformers and circuit breakers and other electrical components
  • Issuing certificates of compliance (COC)
  • New installation, low voltage and medium voltage
  • Installation of Mini Subs
  • Generator supply and installation
  • Factory Maintenance
  • Pre commissioning and Commissioning of plants
  • Electrical house wiring, buildings wiring for industrial, commercial and residential properties
  • Installation lighting
  • Wiring of domestic, commercial and Industrial Premises
  • One year warranty on all workmanship
  • Warrantee on all material carried by approved suppliers
  • Follow SABS and SANS code of conduct and local building regulations
  • All material manufactured to SABS specifications

Water Tanks and Booster Pumps

What We Offer

  • Supply and installation of new plant and installation
  • Supply and install sectional galvanised steel water tank
  • Supply and install water pump complet with pressure sensor
  • Concrete formwork and reinforcement
  • Electrical connections to the water pump and sensor control at the water storage tanks
  • Earthworks
  • Disinection procure after installation

Other Services

  • Waste water and water treatment plant maintenance
  • Cleaning and hygiene
  • Gardening and Horticultural services
  • Bulk supply and delivery of clean water
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